Our Services Offered at IQS

Visual Inspection – VT

Direct and Indirect Visual Examinations under the guidance of Senior API 510, 570 and 653 Inspectors. Indirect Visual Examinations are offered by API Inspector and Technician’s borescope (internal) technology.

Radiographic Testing – RT

Radiographic Testing in the forms of conventional, computerized and digital. Radiographic Testing can supply visual representation of the internal surface quality and integrity status.

Ultrasonic Testing – UT

Ultrasonic Inspection ranging from Manual Thickness and Shear Wave Inspection to large scale automated corrosion mapping and Phased Array flaw detection

Magnetic and Penetrant Examinations – PT & MT

Wet Fluorescent and Visible Penetrant Examinations. To include Wet Fluorescent and Visible Magnetic Particle Examinations

Ground Penetrating Radar Examinations- GPR

Capabilities of hand and ground scanning

Positive Material Identification – PMI

Positive Material Identification services using XRF and LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) units

Drone Inspection

UT Thickness, Visual, Ariel 2D & 3D mapping, Damage Assessment and Infrared Gas Detection Drone Inspection

NDE Level Ill, NACE Level Ill, CWI, API and Subject Matter Experts and consulting services